Robstown, TX

Just want to say thank you, we have had our Gator Power Gate since May and it has been just wonderful.  I decided to do the self-install and it was very easy to do especially after watching your YouTube videos on how to best do it.  The unit is mounted on a 16' galvanized farm gate and on average is opened/closed 6-8 time per day everyday.  The unit has worked with out fail.  Thanks again for the great customer service and the great product you provide.  If anyone in the area wants to come take a look at it give them my number and I would be glad to give them a demonstration on how our gate works.  Very grateful - The Nelson Family

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Corpus Christi, TX

Gator works great, no complaints at all! 


What are others saying about the Gator Power Gate...

  • "Ease of installation and speed of the open and close"
  • ​"Appears to have more torque"
  • "Pretty good invention, I like the wheels about it"
  • ​"I Iike it, I like the simpleness of it, you got everything in one location"
  • "We like it, no sagging... that's the best part"​​
  • "I live on Callicoatte road and I have 2 gates with [competitor] on them and I'm always working on them cause there ain't no one to fix'em but me. I'd like to find some that are different."
  • "It looks like the installation would be far easier than installations I've done on 2 [competitor] products. I think the aspect of not having an arm on the post is a feature that attracks me to it."
  • "T think it's fantastic... it moves so much more quickly than any I have seen, just amazing, and easy to operate. I love the whole thing...I want it right now, right now! It's absolutely the best I've ever seen, Just terrific... get'em on the market!"
  • It's fantastic... it appears to be very easy to install. We don't have to make any changes to [our gate]. We can use our existing gate... It's the best thing I've seen in automatic gates ever!

Odem, TX

This unit is installed on a 16 foot farm gate with a gravel road and grass. As you can see "Bronson" likes that Gator as well. 


Just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to your company’s commitment to quality and exceptional service.  The Gator is working fine. We have had the Gator on our gate since October 2015 and we are very pleased with the performance and the security that it provides.  I truly believe that you have an exceptional  product and your company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is to be commended. Thank you so much for bringing this product to the market.  I had been looking for a gate opener for quite sometime before I saw the Gator demo and decided that I would take a chance on your product because of it’s design and all in one concept.  It truly works and does what it’s design to do....”open and close gates” with dependability and functionality.  Thanks again.

Lago In The Morning, KKTX 1360

You Gotta come see this Gator Power Gate! It is just incredible. Cost effective and it works really, really, really great! Great for the country too because of the all terrain features.

Take a listen to Jim Lago on News Talk Radio discussing the Gator Power Gate and it's benefits.