Wrought Iron Mounting Kit

​​​Additional Mounting Accessories

Gator Power Gate 300


For 24 hour a day charging, the AC transformer is a nice option. The AC transformer will trickle charge your battery at a 1 amp per hour rate. This is an effective tool if you're limited with sunlight. 

Comes with a water resistant cover to protect from the elements. 

    Price: $50.00

    Local Pricing

    Solar Power Automatic Gate Opener 

    Price: $30.00

    Gator Conversion Kit

    There are 2 styles of remote control units that you can choose from. The Gator uses 433 MHz universal frequency. The Gator can handle up to 8 different remote controls. 

      Price: $50.00

      Many do it yourselfer's (DIY) will make there own brackets. However, we have a few items we make in-house that will make your installation go a little better.

      Price: $20.00

      Solar panel bracket allows you to adjust/point the solar panel towards the sun at noon day from any angle. This consists of steel bracket and hardware. PVC pipe attaches to a U bolt. All primed and ready to paint to your favored color. 

        Price: $75.00

        To order products from this list. You'll need to fill-out the form mail under the order guide tab. Gator Power Gates will send out and invoice via email that you can pay from. Use your choice of card or check. Your order will be fulfilled once payment is received. 

        AC Transformer

        Battery Replacements

        Solar Panel Bracket

        ​​Items Sold Separately 

        Price: $350.00

        Price: $30.00

        Gator comes with a 12 volt 20 amp deep cycle battery. Replacement batteries can be picked up at your local Continental Batteries or Interstate Batteries. Their comparable battery is an 18 amp deep cycle. Which will work good with the Gator. 

          ​Price: $1200.00

          Remote 300 w/visor clip

          Remote Control FOBs

          Remote 250

          For farm and ranch type gates you'll need "steel suspenders" to provide a sturdy back for the Gator to mount on. We'll cut 2-3" flat bar steel to your measurements. We also clean and primer the flat bar and ready for color of paint of your choice. 

            Steel Suspenders

            The Gator Power Gate comes equipped with every purchase the following items:

            1. Gator Power Gate
            2. 12 Volt Battery
            3. 10 Watt Solar Panel
            4. DC Gate Light
            5. Limit Switch
            6. One (1) Remote Control

            Some minor fabrication is required for mounting to your type of gate.

            This is the All -In-One unit to automate your swing gate. You may want additional remote control fobs for others to access. Also, check-out some of the hardware below to help with installation.

            These brackets basically "pinch" the wrought iron or aluminum gates so that there is no damage done to this type of gate. Makes it easy to attach the Gator to the cantilever end of the gate. This bracket will come with a coat of black paint. 

              Current owners of the Gator 250 model can upgrade to the 300 model with this conversion kit. This kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your Gator to the current model with great new features. 

              1. DC Light fixture that illuminates when you activate your Gator.
              2. Limit switch that replaces the magnet sensors.
              3. One (1) remote control fob that clips on your car/truck visor.
              4. New circuit board with wire assembly to control new features.