7. Solar panel mounted towards the sun for best results. 

2. Center the angle aluminum on back of solar panel. 

6. Cradle the angle aluminum on top of your gate and clamp in place. Then place 2 sheet metal screws to secure solar panel. 

3. Use center punch tool to mark drilling locations. 

Here are some pictures of a recent wrought iron gate installation. 

1. Cut 1 inch angle aluminum to width of solar panel.

Mounting YOur Solar Panel

There are lots of ways you can mount a solar panel to your particular gate. Here is an easy way we found you can mount your solar panel. All you need is:

  • 1 inch angle aluminum.
  • Hack saw and drill.
  • Pop rivet tool with rivets.  

5. Secure angle aluminum with pop rivets using a rivet tool. 

4. Place a metal plate underneath where you're drilling to protect solar panel. 
Drill 4 holes (2 on each side) using a bit the same size as your rivet.

Wrought Iron Solar Mount

Easy Solar Panel Mounting

​This is an easy way to create a mounting plate for your typical farm pipe gate.