The best way to create an area to mount the Gator Power Gate is by adding 2 steel suspenders that bolt to the top and bottom of the gate. Stop by your local steel shop for steel flat bar 3 inches wide and 1/4th inch thick for best results.

  1. Cut flat bar to size using appropriate blade for steel.

  2. Drill holes in proper locations to enable flat bar to be bolted to your gate. 

  3. Grind rough edges for smoothness.

  4. Clean off oil and grease from flat bar to prepare for primer and paint. (We used V.M. & P Naphtha)

  5. Run some steel wool over the surface prior to painting.

  6. Spray first coat of primer.

  7. Run steel wool over surface again to rough surface slightly.

  8. Spray 2 coats of desired color of rust resistant paint. We used Rustolium.

Watch video for examples of all the steps. We hope this helps you in your home improvement installation. ​

Once you've installed the steel suspenders you're now ready to mount your Gator Power Gate. 

Farm Style Gate Installation

The Gator Power Gate comes as an "all in one" unit. However, some fabrication is required to mount the Gator to your type of gate.
 This is "best practices" on how to mount the Gator to a wire mesh or chain link type gates. 
 Your gate must easily swing on its hinges manually.​​ If it doesn't, repair gate prior to install.