2. How big of a gate can i put the gator power gate on?

a) We had the pleasure to install a Gator on a 400 pound 20 foot long steel gate. The key is that the gate was level and plumb prior to Installing the Gator. Since the Gator is moving a 20 foot wing span we upgraded to a 30 watt solar panel to maintain the battery charge.  

b) We installed a Gator on this 11 foot cedar and aluminum frame gate. This gate weighs about 140 pounds. However, this isn't the best gate configuration because during excessive winds, this gate acts like a sail. You will have to assist the Gator during this type of weather activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

3. How many times can I open the gate before battery runs out of power?

Gators are designed to work smarter because they mount on the cantilever end of the gate. This requires much less power to open and close gates with the most efficient leverage point of the gate.

​This product is designed for residential use. On average you should be able to operate the Gator 30 to 40 times without recharging. There are factors that could change the out come.

  1. ​Proper installation of your gate means that it must be level and plum. If Gator bares any weight while opening and closing this will factor in to battery power usage. Meaning, the Gator will draw more than normal amps from battery.
  2. ​Grade can be a factor. Though the Gator is designed to travel up to 5 1/2 inch grade, this will draw more amps than a flat surface.
  3. ​Size of gate will factor into the amp use as well. The Gator uses more amps on longer gates than shorter ones because it simply is in operation longer when activated.

We recommend reading more about the Power source on this website.

​Generally, for normal residential usage with good access to sunlight the solar panel should keep up with maintaining the battery charged.

​NEW feature... Gator Power Gates now come with a Gator Light. This light illuminates during operation of the Gator. This also serves as a early warning to charge battery before discharge. The light will "flash" if charge is required. 

1. How much weight can the Gator Power Gate Support?

a) The short answer is: ​The Gator isn't designed to "support" gates. It's designed to open and close gates.

Always start out the Gator Power Gate installation with tuning up your current gate. Make necessary adjustments to the hinges to level your gate for open and close positions. 

b) The Gators mounting plate design allows the Gator to float up or down along the drive path while opening or closing your gate. As illustrated in video, the mounting plate serves as a track for the Gator to make terrain adjustments.