Do It Yourself

Gator Power Gates makes it easy to automate your gate. This is a great home improvement project that will ad value and convenience to your everyday living.  

Gator Power Gates plug and play engineering allows you to install this automatic gate opener on most any type of gate. The universal mounting plate is easy to attach to your gate with just 4 bolts. 

For those handy-man types, this is a great DIY project that will take about 4 hours to automate your gate. Some fabrication will be needed to properly mount to your type of gate. Check-out the links on the right to learn how to mount the Gator to your type of gate.

If you have any questions, please give us a call during normal business hours.

The Gator Power Gate "do it yourself" installation process is easy by just following these simple steps: 

  1. Mount the Gator to your Gate
  2. Mount and connect the Solar Panel
  3. Mount and connect the Light
  4. Mount and connect the Limit Switch
  5. Install limit switch strike post for open position(s).

Planning in advance your installation will help in this process. Because all gates are different you will need to determine the hardware you will need for your type of gate. We'll list some things you'll need in the links to the top right. 

Gator Light, VIDEO #3

Learn how to install the Gator Light accessory that illuminates each time you activate your gate. Great when operating at night. The light also serves as a first warning of low battery by flashing during operation.

Gator Upgrade, VIDEO #1

This video shows you best practices for preparing your Gator for the upgrade.

Installation Best Practices

Limit Switch, VIDEO #4

Limit switch tells the Gator when to stop after activating it. Limit switch simply strikes the opposing post to stop the Gator at desired location. We'll show you how to install this feature. 

Mounting the Gator VIDEO #1,

We show you how to simply mount your Gator to your gate. Learn about the "Angle Mount" procedure using 4 bolts to complete this step. 


The following 2 videos shows how to upgrade your Gator 250 to a 300 once you've received your upgrade kit. 

Gator Upgrade, VIDEO #2

This video shows you best practices for installing new components to your gator and enjoy the new features. 


Below is an actual installation on a cedar gate. The process is that same for all gates. The only difference in Gator installations will be the mounting process for different types of gate. 

Level and Plumb Gate First

Begin Gator installations with tuning up your gate and adjust or repair to a level and plumb status. 

Types of Gate Installations

Mounting Solar Panel, VIDEO #2, 

There are a number of ways you can mount the solar panel to feed your Gator Power Gate. In this video show you one of the most effective ways in maximizing sun light.