We love to automate gates and make your life just a little bit easier. It's important to build and provide a quality product to our customers. That's why we run each unit through a rigorous quality control in our shop as we test every aspect of the Gator before shipping.

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John Curry, who was a WW II fighter pilot and later a senior engineer that worked on the Saturn S1B rocket, decided to enjoy the life of a farmer and grew blueberries in the sunny state of Florida. 

To make his life easier as he traveled through gates on his farm he needed an automatic gate opener. After careful research into automatic gate openers, he discovered all of them have a flawed engineering design. Customer reviews tells story’s of automatic gate openers not functioning after a year in service for various reasons. John used his experience and expertise in engineering and designed and patent a revolutionary product that solves many problems in the automatic power gate industry.

John has tested and proven his design and has built other Gator Power Gates for his local ranchers with their great satisfaction in the Hudson Florida area.

John assigned the patent to Gator Power Gates, Inc. of Texas for his kids to operate and offer the same benefits to Farmers, Ranchers and Estate gate owners across the US.

Gator Power Gates, Inc. is now headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas where we are proud to serve our customers. 

​John Curry, Gator Power Gates Inventor
Bob Curry, Board of Director
Warren Curry, Board of Director
Patricia Alexander, Chief Executive Officer
Dave Alexander, President

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