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Gator power Gates, Like No Other

"The security gate industry has been dominated by devices that apply opening and closing forces to the hinge end of gates. This method is inefficient and has many drawbacks and failures despite the fact that it is used by virtually all manufacturers. 

Companies have been building gate openers the same way for years and years!" 

John Curry

NASA Engineer

Blueberry Farmer
​Gator Power Gate Inventor

Limit Switch

The limit switch is an easy way to mount and preset your gate were you want it to stop after activating. The limit switch simply strikes the opposite post position and stops at desired location. This allows you to easily customize the operation of your gate.  No need to adjust sensitive timers.

The limit switch has proven reliable over years of testing and applications of many types of gates. 


The Gator Power Gate is programmed with an obstruction detection system. If the Gator detects an object in the way it stops and reverses about 2 feet and rests. 

In the video to the left we demonstrate how this feature works. 
​Gators are also compatible with after market photo eyes for additional safety redundancy. 

Learn About The Gator Power Gate

NEW!Gator 300

... we are very pleased with the performance and the security that it provides.

The Gator Power Gate mounts on open end

The only automatic gate opener that opens on the "open end" or cantilever side of the gate. This allows the Gator to apply maximum leverage for least amount of power in opening and closing gate. 

Power Source

The Gator Power Gate comes with its own power source. The Gator’s 10 watt, 12 volt solar panel has a manufacturing rating of VOC (voltage open circuit) 21.96 and ISC (current short circuit) .67 amps.  Generally, the solar panel will provide plenty of power for regular residential daily use.  However, in applications where sun exposure is very limited, or where heavier use is expected, we also offer an AC charger as an alternative or supplement to solar.  In either case, your battery will be maintained by a trickle-charge controller that regulates re-charging from the solar panel and/or AC outlet. 

Tired Old Designs 

Key Engineering Flaw

farm-raised, field-tested, and ready to impress!

one size fits all

Finally, an easy to install, all-inclusive gate automation for any size or type of swing gate.  We are excited to offer for the first time the GATOR 300 which comes with an entry light, battery, solar panel, key fob and limit switch.  Your Gator arrives complete and ready to install as a unit without lists of hundreds of pieces and parts to put together like a puzzle.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see that the install time is a matter of hours.

This award winning design dramatically breaks from "traditional" designs. The Gator Power Gate is the only automatic gate opener that mounts on the cantilever side of the gate which provides the greatest amount of leverage when opening and closing.

Control Panel

The Gator Power Gate control panel is weather resistant within the hood and its own case.  The manual control is easily accessed with the hood off to perform any maintenance. 

The Control panel also serves as a battery charger if needed. Simply plug-in the AC transformer sold separately for an overnight trickle charge. Controller is equipped with a resetting surge protector. 

Gator Light

The Gator Power Gate comes with a DC light to attach to your gate. This serves 2 purposes... 1) provides light while Gator is activated and 2) is a first warning for a low battery. The Light will "flash" when your battery gets low and needs a charge. Sometimes solar isn't enough to keep up with the usage the Gator experiences. Learn more about the Gators power source. We also recommend reading an article on our blog called "Powering the Gator Power Gate". 

Thanks again for the great customer service and the great product you provide.

Glides Over uneven Terrain 

The Gator Power Gate is all terrain

The Gator enjoys working on all types of road terrains. We've engineered the Gator to operate on (2) two no-flat tires that can traverse over all different types of terrain. It can clime a gradual incline up to 5 inches. Gators patent universal mounting plate allows the unit to track up or down as it encounters gradual inclines and declines in road terrain. 

“You Gotta come see this Gator Power Gate! It is just incredible.”

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Gator Power Gates have dual flat free wheels for longevity. Your tires will never go flat! Also, the wheel hub knobs can be loosened to allow wheels to run free on the axel. This feature allows for manual operation.

Patent Sliding Mounting PLate

This amazing feature allows the Gator Power Gate to "float" over all types of terrain and slopes while your gate remains level. In fact, the Gator can climb a gradual slope up to 5 1/2 inches. The Gator takes advantage of opening and closing your gate on the cantilever for best leverage & preserves your hinges from excessive wear and tear. 

You can easily mount Gator sliding mounting plate to all types of gates.

Some Minor Fabrication Required

The Gator Power Gate comes with a universal mounting plate that can be attached to any size or type of gate. Some fabrication is required to properly mount the Gator and solar panel to your particular type of gate. We provide assistance on this website for how to properly install.

You will need to provide your own hardware to mount to your type of gate. We recommend 4 3/8 OD bolts to secure gator mounting plate to gate. Steel flat bar may be needed to provide a solid surface for mounting. Review owners manual and this website for assistance.